Richard Paul Thomas Texas Singer Songwriter with decades of love, life & laughter to share
  • Richard Paul Thomas - Captured Rainbow

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    CAPTURED RAINBOW (a.k.a. The Dreamer, Soulsinger, and RpT....That's Me!!)

    A musical search for identity

    Character:  RpT

    An outwardly successful business man in his late fifties.  He is the head of his own International Consulting Firm specializing in Accounting and Management   Solutions.  A frustrated composer, and sometimes performer, he writes songs about the people he meets, his life experiences, loves and losses, and explores his own sense of being through his songs.  After all these years, he still dreams of being able to make his living with his music.  The story begins on the night after Christmas with an account of his first wife, Susan, leaving with another man.  She even took all her presents